How To Get Custom Cabinets...

Process to get custom cabinets.

  1. Consider which room(s) you would like to change. 

    1. What don’t you like right now? 

    2. What do you want to change? 

    3. What’s important to you?

  2. Where would you like to put cabinets? 

    1. How big? 

    2. Drawers? 

    3. Doors?

  3. Sketch and label your ideas. May download our free space planner and print it.

  4. Measure the area you have to work with.

  5. Call us: 541-382-6287 (ask for Kory). Be ready to provide some basic information: 

    1. Which room will these go in?

    2. What are your basic needs for the area?

    3. What style?

    4. What material?

    5. What is your timeline? Budget?

    6. How do we contact you? Email, text, or call.

  6. Our team will reach out to you (email/call) to ask more detailed questions. 

  7. Our team will create an initial perspective drawing according to your specifications. We will email it to you and connect with you about it.

  8. You will email us back with changes or additional questions.

  9. We will keep in contact via email, text, or call. 

Let's Work Together

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